Davidos Circus Theatre

This day seems just like any other. Until, suddenly, the quiet life of the Clown is disrupted. He finds a baby. From that moment on, everything changes because this baby is not easily satisfied. The Clown juggles, balances on a wire and makes music but this is not enough and he calls on the audience for help.
The performance takes place in circus tent with a tribune that seats 120 people.

Performance: Douwe van Oven, Director: Taco van Dijk, Music: Tseard Nauta, Light Design: Radek Cadil, Technique: Hans Hof.

Douwe van Oven started his career at a circus school at the age of 12. He later performed a number circus variety acts in circuses, in the street and in theatres. These last few years, he has performed in Circusdrome theatre acts at street festivals both here and abroad.

Also made possible by Theater workshop Diepenheim/”Kunsten op straat”

With special thanks to Jordi Damwichers, Martin Forget, Rein de Kok, Gerard Olthaar, Pieter Post and Marc van Vliet.


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Shows per day 3
Playing times 3 x 40 minutes *
Capacity 120 spectators
Age Up from 4 years

* within a maximum of 6 hours

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